Carnage outside the walls of Troy

from by En Tafo

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Saddest message you will learn, ή μή ώφελλε γενέσθαι
(It should never happen)
Patroclos lies dead, we fight around his naked body
Hector took his armor friend, wounded when he stroke him
Assisted by the god of sun, the coward found him unarmed

The one I held dear like my eyes, Hector has him slained
Mother I don’t want to live, unless he suffers in pain
Among the living I won’t be until his life will end my spear
Slayer of Patroclos die, avenger comes with fear

Έκτωρ πρώτος εμώ υπό δουρί τυπείς από θυμόν ολέσση
(Hector first under my spear by anger shall fall)

Achilles runs like shooting star towards his enemy
Hector stares trembling in fear and flees along the walls
And like a wolf is hunting deer, he chases him around the city
Fast three times before he stopped at the place where he would fall
I will not flee before you
Νύν αυτέ με θυμός ανήκε στήμεναι αντία σείο
Ελοιμί κεν ή κεν αλοίην
(Now my soul wants me to stand against you You will fall or I will fall)

The spears violently ripping the air but not the flesh
First time and last time Hector fails
Achilles stabs his neck, leaving his voice unharmed
So he may speak as his life begins to fade
When you murdered Patroclos, no regrets no fear
Now you die and you’ll be dragged by dogs
Oh, for thy soul Achilles, don’t feed me to the dogs
Accept my father’s gold and send my body to Troy

Do not tempt me foul dog
If my soul could let me, I would eat your pieces raw
For all the harm you caused
All the treasures of Troy will not save you from their jaws

Ούδ’ ώς σέ γε πότνια μήτηρ
Ενθεμένη λεχέεσσι γοήσεται όν τέκεν αυτή
Αλλά κύνες τε καί οιωνοί κατά πάντα δάσονται
(The mother that gave you birth Will never cry for you by your death bed But dogs and beasts will feast on your flesh and bones)

So he died and his soul descends to Hades
While dead, Achilles said
Go and I’ll wait for time my death will come
When Zeus decides and all the gods
On both his feet he pierced the nerves from heel to ankle
Strapped him behind the chariot
His lifeless head dragged to the ground
His lifeless body against the ground


from En Tafo, released May 2, 2011



all rights reserved


En Tafo Athens, Greece

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