The bitter path to suffering

from by En Tafo

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The ship of time arrived for me, fate Atropos
Cuts the thread of life and brings me before Thanatos

His wings fly faster than the wind, delivering my soul
To the place my last journey begins, to Acheron’s black shore

I have to wait for Charon there, for he shall come in his boat
A price is set for me to pay for the passage, or a century here I will roam

I enter the gates of Hades, guarded by Kerberos
Passed through asphodel lea of souls, straight into Erevos

Ένθα δέ γής δνοφερής καί ταρτάρου ηερόεντος πόντου
Τ’ ατρυγέτοιο καί ουρανού αστερόεντος εξείης πάντων πηγαί καί πείρατ’ έασιν,
Αργαλέ ευρώεντα, τάτε στυγέουσι θεοί περ
(There the dark earth’s and the misty Tartatros’s and the barren sea’s
Stand the foutains and edges in the row
Bitter mouldy, even gods are afraid of them)

Before Persephone’s palace, in the shrine of Hecate
As I witness the rulers of my fate
They stand in line in the crossroad where the souls are condemned
All my deeds pass the judgment of them

Now their order is made and my path has been paved
Wicked I Am denied from the Elysian
Thrown into Tartaros where abominations rejoin
Suffer eternal after death


from En Tafo, released May 2, 2011



all rights reserved


En Tafo Athens, Greece

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